Solid Energy NZ - Graeme Eyles

We used to have a considerable amount of carry back on our fleet of Articulated Dump Trucks. With the installation of Quicksilver bin liners we have been able to greatly reduce this, which has greatly improved our productivity. We are very satisfied with this company and their product and would highly recommend Wiltech and their products.


Graeme Eyles
Maintenance Supervisor
Solid Energy New Zealand Ltd
640 Miller Road, Waimumu 9774, New Zealand
PO Box 151, Gore 9740, New Zealand

Wayne Hick. Hick Bros Civil, Silverdale

From day one we saw a huge improvement in productivity in our Cat 730 Dumpers. Prior to lining our dumpers with Quicksilver we had average of around 5 cubic meters of hang-up in our trucks. Once we had 7 trucks lined (which only took 8 days) we increased our productivity by about 210 cubic meters an hour. At that rate the liners will be paid for in no time and we will reap the benefits for the rest of the trucks life. 

Wayne Hick. Hick Bros Civil, Silverdale 


Stevensons have been using this product now for years. We currently have Truck and Trailers lined with Quicksilver and we are very pleased with the product. No matter what type of product we carry, nothing sticks to the Quicksilver Body Liner. This allows us a faster turnaround on job sites. The maintenance on our alloy tipping bodies is now virtually nonexistent.

We did change to a cheaper liner from another supplier some years ago but found to our expense that this was a mistake. The liners that we purchased wore out after only 2.5 years (we noramlly get 7-10 years from a Quicksilver Liner) so relined these bins with Quicksilver and will never use anything else. 

Yours faithfully

Steve Faulkner. Gough Gough & Hamer Ltd

After looking at what was available on the market we have chosen Quicksilver to line our fleet of off road Cat730 dump trucks. Quicksilver has been the market leader for many years and after talking with Richard from Wiltech Solutions and having demonstrations and feedback from some of his other clients we are more than happy to run with Quicksilver. We work very closely with our customers so that they get the best out of the gear that we provide for them. Hick Brothers were the first to get Quicksilver installed to their fleet and they saw immediate results with the payback coming in just a few weeks. 

Steve Faulkner. Gough Gough & Hamer Ltd

Gary Stewart. Winstone Aggregates

We had a problem with contamination in our quarry. Our 60ton dumpers carry different grades of metal to the stock piles but the hang up was creating a problem. We would have to hose out the tray when ever we went from one grade to another slowing the process up considerably. Since lining our dumpers with Quicksilver we have had virtually zero contamination as the whole load releases and the tray is clean ready for the next load. 

Gary Stewart. Winstone Aggregates

Derek Tremewan. Monier Brick and Tile

Our loaders shift clay for bricks and tiles which causes major hang up problems in the buckets. I had tried other liners but they just didn’t last the distance that Quicksilver has. We only use Quicksilver on all our gear now as it has the longevity and release capabilities that we require to keep our plant running. 

Derek Tremewan. Monier Brick and Tile

Barry Phillips Bulk Haulage - Drury

Since installing our first Quicksilver Liner in 2000 we noticed our productivity increase and our maintenance costs decrease. We installed Quicksilver liners to the rest of our truck and trailer fleet which has helped us perform better in the market place, extra loads means the company gets a better return. 

Touch wood we have not had a stationery rollover on any of our Quicksilver lined bodies which has given us an added benefit with savings in our insurance premiums. Maintenance has decreased, no more wear plates in the decks, hydraulic ram, chassis and drive train maintenance have all decreased due to the load releasing evenly and smoothly without the need for back slamming. With the load releasing at about half the height of an unlined tipper, spreading has been a hell of a lot easier without the constant worry of rolling over and overhead power lines. 
The liners paid for themselves in no time with the initial cost being offset by the extra productivity and savings in other areas. I would recommend Quicksilver Liners to anyone in the contracting business. 

Barry Phillips Bulk Haulage 

LH Tyburski - Lisa Tyburski

Mushi and I wish to thank you and your team at WILTECH for the excellent job done when lining our truck bins with Quicksilver. We were probably one of your first customers because subsequently everywhere our trucks worked people were in awe of the ease with which we get rid of our loads - no more cleaning surfaces with spades, just a clean and easy tip result. Before Quicksilver we often had ram damage having to lift the bin too high to tip, now the load is gone before it is lifted halfway! Our trucks are the envy of many a contractor and we have had so many jobs come our way because of the Quicksilver linings. It works absolutely fantastic! 

We have not only found an excellent company in WILTECH but have formed a lasting relationship with you and your courteous staff. Thank you for the assistance given to us when our business needed a lift. 

Kind regards 

Lisa Tyburski 
General Manager 
Civil Construction & Cartage 
PO Box 271, Whangarei, 0140 
PH: (09)432-2667 
Mob: 027-2500743 

Steve Fawley, Cartage Contactor

I was digging a ton of crap out of my truck at 5.30pm on a wet cold winters evening a few years ago and swore that would be the last time I did that. I contacted Richard at Wiltech and he installed a Quicksilver liner the next week. Since that day I have never had to use a shovel again. Quicksilver is one of the best investments I have made.


Steve Fawley, Cartage Contactor.



Merv Pussle. Drainage Contractor


I have picked up productivity by 20 – 25% since lining my digger buckets with Quicksilver. I was continually banging and shaking my buckets to get the clay and dirt out but now all I do is give the bucket a flick and the load is gone. I am also saving on maintenance costs because of this. 

Merv Pussle. Drainage Contracto