Oiles Self Lubricating Bearings

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Ex. Internal diameter 80mm, Outside diameter 96mm, Length 70mm.

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Highly durable linear guide unit for reciprocating motion by employing OILES bearing. Excellent resistance to wear, load and foreign matters

Compact mold parts for press machineries and plastic mold jig. Available in various standard products


Oiles #300

(Oil impregnated cast iron bearing) • Large Diameter

  • Thin-walled
  • Small Diameter

Oiles #300 offers a drastic reduction in oiling frequency compared with typical copper alloy bearings. Demonstrating superior wear and seizure resistance.
Oiles #300 is available in a wide variety of sizes not typically offered in the competitive oil impregnated sintered bearings.


Oiles #500SP

Standard, lead-free products, for general use that are suitable for use in fresh and sea water)

Oiles has converted our standard SPBL series (bearing with plugged solid lubricants for use in fresh and sea water) to a lead-free series.
Oiles has successfully developed a lead-free underwater bearing,that is environmentally friendly. Until now, significant numbers of bearings containing lead were used in underwater applications

Oiles Toughmet

(Standard , lead-free products with dispersed solid lubricants for use in high temperature and/or high load)

Oiles has converted all 98 standard TMB sizes to a lead-free series.
This product excels in high temperature and / or high load application, and displays superior bearing performance for intermittent and / or oscillating motion.
Oiles lead-free products are safe for the environment.