Q: Why do I need QuickSilver?

You need QuickSilver to grow your top line. Since QuickSilver is engineered to be super slick you can haul more loads per day, year round, with less chance of a turnover and less wear and tear on your truck’s brakes and hydraulics system. QuickSilver is also engineered to be highly abrasion resistant so it outwears steel and aluminum, protecting your investment and making it last longer. QuickSilver also weighs less than both steel and aluminum. More loads per day with fewer problems mean more money in your pocket.

Q: Why choose QuickSilver?

QuickSilver is manufactured by Quadrant, the world’s largest producer of UHMW-PE. As a leader in engineered plastics, Quadrant focuses on innovation and strives to provide lining systems with the newest additive technologies, highest quality and unmatched performance. Along with our network of carefully selected Quicksilver Specialty Distributors, Quadrant has pioneered many fabrication techniques currently used in the truck lining industry. With the industries best material and the industries best installation, you can be sure that when you buy a QuickSilver lining system you are buying the best.

Q: What type of plastic is QuickSilver?

QuickSilver is made from a unique, industrial strength plastic called ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE). The QuickSilver formula was specifically designed for its superior release properties and wear resistance.

Q: How long will QuickSilver last?

The life of your QuickSilver liner depends upon each individual application. However, multiple laboratory and field tests have repeatedly concluded that QuickSilver will outwear steel 2:1 and aluminum 4:1.

Q: How does a QuickSilver floor liner install?

QuickSilver has a quick and easy installation system. A typical QuickSilver liner is installed with a handful of fasteners at the front of the dump body and leading edge protector along both sidewalls. The leading edge protector serves a dual purpose. First, it acts as guide for the QuickSilver material, allowing for thermal expansion and contraction. Second, it prevents aggregate from getting underneath the liner as this can severely affect its performance. You can install QuickSilver yourself with basic shop tools using our easy-to-follow installation guide or see a nearby QuickSilver Specialty Distributor.

Q: How much does QuickSilver weigh?

QuickSilver weighs 1/8 that of steel and 1/3 that of aluminum:
• 1/4” QuickSilver weighs 1.25 pounds per square foot
• 3/8” QuickSilver weighs 1.875 pounds per square foot
• 1/2” QuickSilver weighs 2.50 pounds per square foot

Q: How long does it take to install a QuickSilver liner?

Depending on the condition of the truck, a typical QuickSilver floor installation takes 8 to 10 man-hours. With most installations, the dump truck is down for only a day.

Can I haul demolition with a QuickSilver liner?

If you take a few simple precautions QuickSilver does not need to be removed for the occasional demolition haul. To protect QuickSilver, add a layer of dirt, sand, or gravel before carefully loading the demolition.

Q: Does QuickSilver have a warranty?

Quadrant backs QuickSilver with a three year non-prorated material warranty (see warranty for details).

Q: Who services my QuickSilver liner?

Carefully selected QuickSilver Specialty Distributors are set up to service customers on site and in the field. Beyond that, Quadrant is known industry wide for having best in class service and support to the customer.

Q: Can I haul hot asphalt with a QuickSilver liner?

A ½” QuickSilver liner can be used to haul any temperature asphalt.