Since installing our first Quicksilver Liner in 2000 we noticed our productivity increase and our maintenance costs decrease. We installed Quicksilver liners to the rest of our truck and trailer fleet which has helped us perform better in the market place, extra loads means the company gets a better return.

Touch wood we have not had a stationery rollover on any of our Quicksilver lined bodies which has given us an added benefit with savings in our insurance premiums. Maintenance has decreased, no more wear plates in the decks, hydraulic ram, chassis and drive train maintenance have all decreased due to the load releasing evenly and smoothly without the need for back slamming. With the load releasing at about half the height of an unlined tipper, spreading has been a hell of a lot easier without the constant worry of rolling over and overhead power lines.
The liners paid for themselves in no time with the initial cost being offset by the extra productivity and savings in other areas. I would recommend Quicksilver Liners to anyone in the contracting business.