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Wiltech Solutions supply Quicksilver and Durapro slippery truck liners, along with Oiles Self Lubricating Bushings and Bearings.


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Quicksilver and Durapro liners are the most trusted liners on the market, made from a polymer that is super slippery and hard wearing. These non-stick liners are so slippery you can hardly stand on it even at the lowest of angles.


Having such a low coefficient of friction @ .09 means your load will release at half the tipping height than normal. Quicksilver is perfect when carting hot mix/hot asphalt and will stand temperatures of over 220 degrees C.


Durapro is made from the same materials with a small amount of regrind added but does not have the additives for hot loads.


Our super slippery liners are also popular with machine operators who have previously had hang up problems in their loader and excavator buckets. Release of sticky product is the key when materials handling, so reduce your downtime and enquire today.


Oiles Bushings and Bearings are the world leader in oil-less bearing technology and have been the choice of bearings throughout NZ in our Hydro turbines. Being lead-free and not having to lubricate these bearings is the key to their success and with our environmentally-friendly lubricating plugs you can be assured of a successful application from the wicket gates up.


Oiles bearings and bushes are another market leader that Wiltech Solutions has the agency for.


Oiles Corporation is a worldwide company producing bearings that don’t need constant lubrication for many different industries.


If it moves and you can’t grease it, Oiles is the answer to your problem. An example is the wicket gate bush at the bottom of a hydro turbine; these bushes are submerged in water for their entire life. Oiles bearings have lasted in excess of 18 years without lubrication in this harsh environment.


 Oiles Bearings are a self-lubricating bearing Oiles bearings that realize no lubrication and the drastic reduction of the need to apply lubrication. Oiles bearings control friction in a wide variety of industries: automobile, audio/visual devices, office automation/information communication devices, dams, civil engineering/construction machines, industrial equipment, and space/marine development. Check out the full range of bearings.  



QuickSilver® is the original non stick deck liner. Quicksilver Slippery truck liners are a continuous sheet having been butt welded at the time of manufacture are seamless. QuickSilver slippery truck deck liners are high performance truck bed liners that are designed to clean-out and clean-up some of the toughest materials, including hot asphalt, in the very worst conditions. From winter freeze to summer heat, QuickSilver® truck liners release sticky materials, meaning:


  • - Faster load release
  • - Less equipment damage
  • - Reduced chance of tip-over
  • - Less wear on hoists
  • - Minimal clean-up
  •  - Reduced downtime


QuickSilver®  load release capabilities are second to none. On-road, off-road or heavy equipment, we've got a QuickSilver® liner for you. Quicksilver is fast becoming the generic name for deck liners in New Zealand.


  • - Medium and heavy duty liners
  • - Superior, steady release of materials
  • - Abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistant
  • - High impact strength
  • - Outlasts traditional materials
  •  - Weighs less than aluminium or steel


Durapro, a continuous length, seamless dump body liner, releases sticky materials such as clay, coal, flyash or fertilizer in the very best and very worst conditions, eliminating costly flow agents, reducing labour costs and increasing the number of loads hauled each day.


Manufactured from reprocessed UHMW and available in 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" thicknesses, DURAPRO liners protect the integrity of original dump truck bed while handling:


  • - clay
  • - coal
  • - fertilizer
  • - flyash
  • - gravel
  • - limestone
  • - rock
  • - snow


Durapro has the load release capabilities that will keep you moving instead of digging loads out of your dump body.

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